A School is not just made of few teachers and students, but a lot of other people complete the community. The school community comprises of the society that manages the school, the sponsors who fund the school, the faculty of the school that involves the teaching and non-teaching staff and students.

The sponsors are an important part of the community as they are the financial pillars of the school. It is with their generous support and help that the school is able to provide such good facilities to its students. School's main sponsors is Mr. J.P Denten, who have been financially supporting the school from the beginning and continuing to do so. Several new sponsors have also joined hands to support the school. We have sponsors joining with us from all over the globe but majority of them are from Switzerland. We have sponsors from India too.

The society and sponsors manage the school externally, but it is the faculty of the school that ensures the smooth functioning of the school. The faculty consists of both teaching and non-teaching staff. Majority of our staff is from Lahaul and Manali. Apart from the 10-teaching staff, the school has 3 non-teaching staff too. All of the staff work very hard and sincerely to manage the school well. They take care of the students as their own child and the relation between the students and school staff is just like a family.

Students are an important part of the school community. So, it is our duty to take good care of its students. The school provide great environment for students to learn new things and enhance their knowledge. Our students belong to different religious backgrounds. They hail from different regions, but majority of students are from backwords area of Zanskar valley, Ladakh and Lahoul & Spiti. Currently there are more than 100 students. More than 40 students have passed out from school and are pursuing drifferent college and master's degree in different parts of India. Some are even serving as a soldier in the army.